The company.

“Les petites cellules chaudes”

The heart of our process has to do with how we managed and succeed in communicating with others. These interactions mostly happen on websites such as “Chatroullette”, a social networking site designed to randomly bring chatters together.
We also explore how to communicate with our audience, directly or indirectly, using public information found online. Finally, we seek to connect with ourself and our intimacy. We seek to be honest and show oneself to the other. To commit.


We all gathered and agreed upon keeping with the original idea of social media. Cold, yes, but agreed upon. But then again, maybe not so cold after all? It was about us and about the way we build our image, and how we choose to share it with others. It was about how human beings have a profound desire to reach out and communicate and be understood. But what exactly are we saying? What are we in search of? Who are we searching for? Most of all, why do we have this persistent desire to exhibit ourselves and communicate in a sterile and impersonal way? Well, glued to our computer screens with tireless urgency, we searched a way to find a connection, a real and intimate connection. We searched and we shared.

Our beginnings

The Petites Cellules Chaudes ( literraly “The Hot Little cells”) were born in June 2011 after an intensive theatre creation workshop called Les Laboratoires du Théâtre français at the National Arts Centre. Our workshop supervisor at the time, Claude Poissant, had chosen a specific theme for us to focus on: Social Media. In sum, these 10 days were designed for us to explore what kind of theatrical life existed within the modern communication mediums we know today. Quickly, we came to realize that our strongest material was found in the absence of fiction. Being sincere and authentic was what worked best. At the end of the workshop, not having had enough time to explore the depths of this compelling theme, we chose to continue our creative process and discover what our work was truly about.


Our mandate is to explore current communication and the paradigm that exists in modern technologies, and reveal how they have completely changed our way of interacting with others.
All judgement and preconceived ideas aside, our motivation is to create theatrical sequences that expose this evolution and change in technology to the audience.
Our objective is to encourage reflection and insight into how these mediums are currently being used, and to further expose the notions of public and private spaces.