The ishow.

A singular theatrical object, ishow is an unprecedented performance, a reflexion, a resolutely contemporary human experience. The audience is taken on an unpredictable and sometimes unsettling journey in the heart of the social networks, a place where chance is a vessel that encourages a voyeurism facilitated by anonymity.
On the stage, 15 actors are found in front of their laptops transmitting content on 3 giant screens. The exchanges with the internet users can be playful or can open on a realm where the web becomes a puzzling and often improper repository. As disconcerting as they can be, these exchanges are experienced by millions everyday.

The canadian collective Les Petites Cellules Chaudes proposes a perilous creation, that puts its members in constant danger, obligated to commit, to reveal themselves. The show integrates the participation of strangers via voluntary and public communication modes, in the style of Chatroulette, a website that puts internet users in relation in a completely random way and is the common thread of the performance. The ishow or art put against the peril of instantaneity. A creation, by essence, different every night, a troubling experience, stunningly inventive and that goes to the edge. One will leave with more questions than answers, being certain to have taken part in the troubling reality of our time.

Audience: This show is for adults only (18+)

Duration: Approximately 75 minutes without intermission