Philippe Cyr.

Philippe Cyr

First graduating from the acting program at UQAM’s Superior School in 2003, Philipe Cyr completed his training with Autopoïésis Art School, which led him to attend a few internships in Romania. A Prospero Theatre collaborator, he directed his first play: Les Escaliers du Sacré-Coeur from Copi in 2007. His second directing gig was the creation Et si je n’étais pas passée par là ? in collaboration with Annick Gamache, produced in the intimate auditorium at Prospero Theatre in 2008, and as part of the OFF.T.A Festival in 2009. In the Fall of 2010, La Veillée group asked him to direct Igor Bauersima’s text Norway, Today. As an actor, he performs in Trans-Atlantique, a creation directed by Téo Spychalski which was first presented in 2004, and then again in 2007 by Prospero Theatre, in L’écume des jours directed by Alain Fournier in 2005 and 2007. Philippe also played in the unique Amélie Nothomb’s play Les Combustibles in 2008, and in Feydeau’s On purge bébé, both directed by André-Marie Coudou. He also performed in three shows directed by Alexandre Marine : …Et la petite araignée rouge…, Le suicidaire et, and most recently in L’évangile selon Salomé. Cofounder of La S.H.O.P. Theatre company, he directs the Midi-Minuit Rallye théâtral as well as creating two explorations. This event for emerging artists is presented in collaboration with La Veillée group at the Prospero Theatre. Philippe Cyr has just completed his masters in Theatre at UQAM where he directed an adaptation of Mother Courage and Her Children. Today’s Homme allumette’s artistic director, he is pursuing his work on Brecht’s famous text as well as an adaptation of Jean-Paul Daoust’s Les Cendres bleues.