Laurence Dauphinais.

Laurence Dauphinais

Laurence Dauphinais is an actress, musician and playwright. On top of currently being amongst the iShow cast, a hybrid theatre production which she co-directs, she performs in l’Auberge du Chien noir as well as movies Le Bonheur des Autres and Liverpool. Laurence will also be in the cast of Lance et Compte : la déchirure in the Fall of 2012. Since graduating from the National Theatre School in 2009, she has performed in the web series RemYx, in Lance et Compte, the movie, as well as in the English theatrical productions of Shakespeare’s As you like it and Martin Crimp’s The Country. Laurence currently pursues her musical collaboration with ‘A beautiful life'; a electro-pop-alternative music group in which she sings, composes melodies and writes lyrics. The young actress is also co-artistic director of the company Emotional Imaging inc.; a Montreal-based company using leading edge technologies to study the human emotional world through physiologic signs and micro facial expressions. She works at creating interactive and immersive multimedia artistic performances. Laurence will perform in Espace Go’s upcoming production of Cinq Visages pour Camille Brunette in February 2013 under Claude Poissant’s direction.