François Édouard Bernier.

François-Édouard Bernier

Graduating from Québec city’s Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in 2007, François Édouard started his career in Corps et Âme by John Mighton, presented at Periscope theatre by Le Théâtre Niveau Parking. For many years, François Édouard has been interested in directing and writing. He has already adapted two novels into dramatic texts such as La douce- a short story by Dostoïevski presented in a public reading at Premier Acte Theatre at the end of 2008. On television, we saw him in Providence as a drug dealer. He also played the colorful character Catherin in television show Vrak la vie on Vrak T, as well as a confused waiter in Les bobos. François Édouard was also part of a few shorts such as Pink by Maxime Robin, Tamari Record by Dominic Sévigny and Nocturne by Marie-Ève Beaumont. Recently, François Edouard performed at LAB LX in Le dindon (remixé), as well as at Espace Libre in Mais ne te promène donc pas toute nue by Georges Feydeau, both directed by Frédérick Moreau as part of Project Feydeau. In January 2013, François Édouard will be performing in Charme de Joelle Bond.