Émile Beaudry.

Émile Beaudry

Graduating from Cégep St-Hyacinthe’s theatre school in 2008, we were able to see Emile, amongst others, in Le cercle de craie caucasien directed by Luce Pelletier, Le chef d’œuvre de monsieur Goldman directed by Philippe Côté and Le terrier directed by Frédéric Jeanrie. As Mea Culpa Theatre’s co-founder, we saw him in Une liaison pornographique directed by Michel-Maxime Legault and Menteur; a play that he translated from English. On television, Emile appeared in toute la vérité III and un tueur si proche. As for film, we’ll soon see him in Thanatomorphose which will be part of the 2012 Fantasia festival. Emile has performed in many shorts such as Sophie Dupuis’ Le fruit.