Chanda Legroulx.

Chanda Legroulx

Chanda Legroulx, bilingual Ottawa-native actor, graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Theatre in 2005. Since then, she performed for most Ontarian professional French theatre companies in productions such as Le Passé antérieur, Exit(s), Silence en Coulisses!, Le Désir, Les Médecins de Molière, and most recently in Boeing Boeing. As a founding member of Les Petites Cellules Chaudes, she participated in the creation of iShow, presented at the OFF.TA and FOE festivals in 2012. A favorite on the French-Ontarian screen, Chanda plays the role of Billy Jean Caron in a television series Météo+, and Maureen Berton in Les Bleus de Ramville (TFO). Chanda can also be seen in Motel Montre (TFO), Conscensus and Vision Polyphonique (TV5). Constantly looking for new ways to perfect her art, Chanda has participated in many workshops and acting training programs in Canada and Europe. Last Fall, her desire for adventure and her will to rise up to new personal challenges has led her to pursue her career in Toronto.